Aluminium profile wrapping machine for automatic extrusion

Product Description

1. Full automatic, special design for long products like pipes, timber etc; low consumption energy; Touch screen, PLC easy operation control; Auto film cutting and grab unit.

2. Stable performance, working life 10 years, quality guarantee 2 years.

3. European standard design and manufacture, same quality, but Chinese market price; pass CE certificate.

4. Accept customer’s design order, satisfy customer’s different requirements.

5. Suitable long and thin goods packing, its principle: packing material is to rotary wind around goods by revolving arm, at the same time to adjust film stretch tension.

6. Widely used for plastic profile, aluminum, panel, hose, woven fabric and so on.

aluminum profile packing line
aluminum profile packing line
Product type S300 Horizontal Wrapping Machine
Wrapping goods size 200mm×200mm
Wrapping length >400mm
Revolving speed 100rpm
Goods transporting speed 5-8m/min
Main motor power Main 0.75kw,tansport line 2×0.4kw
Machine size (5600×1270×1350)mm
Wrapping goods width 120mm~200mm

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