Corrugated Hose coil stretch wrapper packing machine

Hose coil packing machine stretch wrapper used to wrapping packing for different material hose or pipe, like corrugated soft hose, PE pipe, HDPE pipe, PVC pipe,PEX pipe …

automatic hose coil wrapping machine
automatic hose coil wrapping machine

Horizontal hose coil wrapping machine, stretch film wrapper through coil ID, wrapping tension can be adjustable, and packing speed high enough, 20-25 seconds per coil. Save your man power and reduce packaging cost, with the latest advanced technology machine design.Control pannel be displayed in English. One button starting system, auto packing material cutting off can be added on machine to achieve full-auto machine model.

Simens PLC program for easy operation, machine main spare parts all from world famous brands. Semi-auto model and full-auto hose coil packing machine model to meet your packing requirements.

Many different hose coil packing solutions from EMAN pack team for your suggestion.