Cylindrical stretch film wrapping machine

The cylindrical stretch film wrapping machine is specially designed for stretching one or more cylindrical objects; such as fabric rolls, drums, bobbin, reels….It is suitable for light and heavy products, making it dustproof, waterproof, well protected and decorated. According to actual packaging needs, you can choose different packaging types such as automatic online packaging, composite packaging, and independent packaging.

roll and reel stretch wrapping machine
cylindrical stretch film wrapping machine

Basic operation:
1. Manually lift the non-woven roll to the packaging station and prepare for packaging. After the packaging is completed, the ejection system in the packaging position will eject the paper roll. Unload the packaging paper roll and start the next packaging operation.
2. Manually complete the initial feeding, fixing and cutting of the film.

The main parameters of the cylindrical stretch film wrapping machine:

  1. The electrical control adopts PLC, and the number of windings can be set freely.
  2. Special packaging position reinforcement (top, middle and bottom) can be set.
  3. Packing length is adjustable.
  4. Pre-stretched film frame structure, uniform packaging, exquisite packaging, and strong adaptability.
  5. Photoelectric automatic tracking of packaging length, accurate positioning.
  6. The roller is controlled by frequency conversion, and the degree of overlap of the film can be adjusted as required.
  7. Automatic return for easy unloading.
  8. Automatic fault alarm, automatic display of fault content.
  9. Simple design, easy operation and convenient maintenance.
  10. Can start, stop and position freely.