Full automatically copper coil steel coil wrapping packing machine

Full automatically copper coil wrapping packing machine

Copper coil packing machine which mainly used to copper packaging, copper coil wrapping packaging , copper tube pipe coil wrapping packing machine. coil wrapping of copper coils or steel coils wrapping machine which are in horizontal through eye (inner diameter).


Full auto model for bearing feeding and positioning wrapping start, auto cutting off material film and paper, can equip power conveyors infront and end both sides for loading and unloading. Different wrapping material can be used on machine, and two different material can wrapping packing at the same time.

Siemens PLC and HMI operation screen, all machine main parts from world famous brand to ensure machine high qulaity. English and Chinese two languages displayed on screen. Machine with high wrapping speed, with high packing efficiency and low packing cost per coil.

EMAN team specialized in coil packing machines for many years, with much mature technology and rich experience. Our team would like to help you produce your ideal packing machines.

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