Half-tray folding and shrink wrapping machine

half-tray forming and shrink wrapping machine for bottles and cans

Half-tray folding and shrink wrapping machine is a servo drive system, numerical control positioning, signal detection mechanism, programmable centralized controller (PLC), human-machine interface parameter adjustment; automatic packaging of unpackaged products or small-packaged products into corrugated boxes. The working principle of this equipment is through the conveying system, the products are sorted according to the specifications, the cartons (half-tray) are formed, the products are put on the half-tray. The machine makes the folding of half-tray by corrugated sheets and seals it automatically; effectively reduce the staffing and labor intensity of the operators, and enhance the competitiveness for the enterprise.

The half-tray folding and shrink wrapping machine is suitable for shrink packaging of beer, beverages, bottled water, medicine, dairy products, condiments, daily chemical products, food and other bottle (can); the half-tray wrapping method saves about 1/5 of the packaging materials compared with the traditional packaging methods.

Technical characteristics:

high speed beverage feeding aligning tray forming and shrink wrapping machine

The combination of centralized system and human-machine interface improves various control functions of wrapping, and directly inputs, modifies and stores parameters of various packaging specifications. It’s a turnkey solution which integrates with customer’s bottle filling line. The whole line is receiving the bottles and cans continuously and aligning the bottles into different lines and form blocks and bundles to the packaging machine.

Using flat cardboard for one-time forming and wrapping, unique tray forming technology, the tray is more firmly formed, and the requirements for the cardboard are also low. Absorbing cardboard, feeding, forming and pressing are all completed automatically.

over-lapping sleeve shrink wrapper-min

Different from the traditional beverage sleeve shrink wrapping machine. This machine uses one piece PE film to wrap the whole bundle of bottles without sealing line. The machine wraps the film to the bundle and make it’s over-lapped at the bottom. The overlapped film will weld together when going through the heat shrink tunnel. Compare with the traditional sleeve shrink wrapper, this new packaging method makes the wrapping speed higher and the packaging effect is more beautiful (no sealing line), the labor intensity of the operator is reduced. Completely replace manual tray forming, manual packaging, sealing and other tedious processes. The formed trays are more firm and the packaging effect is more beautiful.

Specifications and dimensions are easier to achieve. Can quickly adapt to the packaging of various items. Compared with manual cartons packaging, it can save about 15% of the carton space and save raw materials. Adopts well-known hot-melt sealing equipment, which is easy to operate and durable. The products packaged by it have crisp appearance, beautiful appearance and convenient for storage and transportation.