Heat shrink packaging machine application case

What we usually eat is black sesame paste in bags, and now there are more convenient cups of black sesame paste. Just like the cup of milk tea, the film of the cup of black sesame paste requires a shrink packaging machine.

Feeding, bagging, sealing and cutting, and shrinking are automatically completed. The cup of black sesame paste is a layer of film on the cup of bread, close to the cup body, which looks more beautiful, and many companies print the batch number on the film. Using shrink packaging machine to wrap film, it can pack 40 pieces per minute.

Packing, sealing, and packing after shrink packaging machine packaging can also be completed with automated packaging equipment. Used in conjunction with the packaging assembly line, the work efficiency is higher, the productivity is truly released, and the work is easier.

The above is the introduction of related knowledge about the use of heat shrinkable packaging machinery, common fault handling and application cases. To achieve the best shrinking effect, please remember five points: adjust temperature, adjust speed, wind speed, air volume, shrink film quality, Furnace length. In addition, the puncture of the shrink film is mainly for the case of the shrink film. When the user’s product needs to be fully wrapped, some small holes must be pierced on the surface of the shrink film, so that the gas in the film can be emitted through the small holes when shrinking. , Otherwise the gas is inside the membrane, and the membrane will bulge.