How to understand the unmanned strapping machine?

Unmanned baler is a kind of baler. What are the advantages of unmanned baler? This kind of packaging machinery is mainly used in the production line. This kind of machine can be seen from the name, that is, it does not need to be operated manually, and it can automatically sense for packaging. Then we know how it performs automatic induction for operation. Is it? It is mainly the function of proximity switch, so what is proximity switch?

Proximity switch is a position switch that can be operated without mechanical contact with moving parts. When the distance between the object and the sensing surface of the proximity switch is less than the operating distance, the switch can be operated without increasing external force, so that the proximity switch is a switch through the computer Type sensor (namely non-contact switch), it not only has the characteristics of travel switch and micro switch, but also has sensing performance, and it has reliable action, stable performance, fast frequency response, long application life, strong anti-interference ability and waterproof , Rattan-proof, corrosion-resistant and other features.

It is composed of induction head, high frequency oscillator, amplifier and shell. When the moving part approaches the sensor head of the proximity switch, the proximity switch outputs an electrical signal. According to the working principle, there are high frequency oscillation type, capacitive type, induction bridge type, permanent magnet type, Hall effect type, etc. The most commonly used is the high frequency oscillation type.

The circuit of the high frequency oscillation proximity switch is composed of three parts: oscillator, transistor amplifier and output circuit. The inductive head of the inductive proximity switch is an inductive coil with a ferrite core, which can only be used to detect gold bodies. The oscillator generates an alternating magnetic field on the surface of the induction head. When the metal block approaches the induction head, the eddy current generated in the metal absorbs the energy of the oscillation ffl. The oscillation is weakened to stop the vibration. Therefore, there are two signals of oscillation and stop vibration. It is converted into a binary switch signal by the shaping amplifier, so as to play the control function of “on” and “off”. Usually the distance between the sensing head and the detection body when the proximity switch is just operating is called the operating distance.

Proximity switches have the advantages of stable and reliable operation, long service life, high repetitive positioning accuracy, high operating frequency, rapid action, etc., so they are more and more widely used. Commonly used inductive proximity switches include LJU U2 and other series, capacitive proximity switch models There are LXJ15, TC and other series.

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