Inline pallet upender and skid changing system

Inline upender is major used for turning over the heavy articles from one side to another. It is popular in heavy industries for lessening labor and saving time. What’s more, it also can be worked together with other machines forming into a production line.

1. Maximum tonnage: 5t, 10t, 15t, 20t

2. Structure: O shape, C shape

This series of material handling are independently developed by our company and are used to manufacture the overall turnover of the entire sheet metal stacking. It is suitable for various productions in the automotive, electrical manufacturing, and mechanical processing industries.
Abt series material stacker adopts PLC control, touch screen interface operation, complete safety protection system and fault diagnosis system.
According to the different clamping methods, there are two specifications: pneumatic clamping and hydraulic clamping. Both clamping devices can be automatically adjusted according to the clamping force to prevent the goods from sliding. The pneumatic clamping structure is environmentally friendly and does not pollute the board.
According to the logistics layout and feeding method, different bt series have developed front and rear feeding models and extensions of forklift feeding models.

Dedicated equipment, reliable quality.
-Adjustable force, wide application range
Touch screen man-machine interface.
-Perfect fault diagnosis system.