Introduction of custom upenders

Custom upenders may not familiar to most people, but we do need it when we have the demand for the turnover of specific products and this kind machine is a must.


Today we are going to sort out how many types of custom upenders are there and what are their functions and for what?

1. Steel mill upenders

also called as mechanical upender, coil upender or coil tipper. It’s used to tip steel coils for an annealing process.

These upenders usually are heavy dead weight because they are used to tip 5-50 metric ton coils. So the T-slots is necessary for tie-down of load.

2. Mold tilter

People also call it mold flipper or die upender, which is used to tip plastic injection molds for clean out or die maintenance.

3. Assembly upender

Specialized upender for the convenience of assembly of big motor, this machine usually has manual adjustable V-saddle.

4. Pit mounted coil upender

Floor level height for loading and unloading convenience with motorized pallet adjuster. A motorized V-saddle is also optional.

5. 80 metric ton upender

To hold utility transformer coils by a cantilevered arm with machined loading platform.