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PET pallet strapping machine

Equipment shape (length×width×height): 4600mm×610mm×2500mm;

2 Arch size (width×height): 1400mm×1200mm;

2 Equipment power: 3KW;

2 Applicable strapping belt: machine belt (customized according to user requirements);

2 Bundling method: //Two;

2 Heating method: electric direct heating type;

2 Tightening method: second tightening, fixed length to control the tightening force;

2 Way of wearing sword: electric type;

2 Movement mode of the movement: electric, frequency conversion speed regulation;

2 Low package height: 700mm; (subject to the conveying plane);

Equipment instructions:

After the stack body is in place, the sword body motor will start to complete the sword body penetration. After the belt is in place, the movement motor will start, the moving movement is close to the stack body surface, and the movement motor is running to complete the strapping. The equipment adopts PLC control, which is stable and reliable, with prompt functions such as belt position detection, sword body in place, and movement in place.