Safety procedures of automatic cotton bale strapping machine

The fully automatic cotton bale strapping machine is carefully designed and manufactured, tested to ensure it meets with our strict performance requirement. We have put the safety and customer satisfaction as our top priorities. Our sales and service representatives are 24 hours on call to ensure you can use and maintain the equipment safely and correctly.

It’s extremely important that the operators of this equipment wear personal protective equipment to prevent foot and other injuries. We think users should to be educated about the safety procedures and how to use the personnel protective equipment.
Steel toe safety shoes and safety glasses should be wearing by both the operators and bystanders. sometimes it’s also required the hardhats and hearing protection. Operators should also follow any additional personal protective clothing and equipment guidelines designated by their facility. A clean and uncluttered work area will help prevent work injuries. Be sure that the strap path from the dispenser to the chute system does not interfere with traffic patterns also be sure the dispensers are working properly and the strap does not spill out onto the floor. Always dispose of use strapping in designated disposal or recycling containers when loading strap dispensers always use proper lifting and loading equipment make sure the wingnut on the dispenser is securely fastened.

Before starting operation always properly dispose of the packaging materials, all operators and service personnel must be fully trained before operating or working on this equipment. We conducts comprehensive operation and service training during installation. After completing training you have any questions regarding proper operating procedures ask your service representative for help.

This power strapping systems are equipped with machine guarding to help prevent injuries and safety labels to alert you to possible hazards. Be sure that all safety labels and control panel identification plates are in place and legible if you need to replace any labels contact your service representative. Guarding around moving machine parts helps eliminate crush shear and pinch hazards make certain that these guards are always in place.

When the equipment is in operation, we also recommends that you guard the area around the rear shoots to help prevent operators from entering this area while the equipment is in operation, only personnel who are trained and authorized specifically to work on electrical equipment are allowed to service the strapping systems electrical component.