Self propelled pallet stretch wrap robot for sale

Self propelled plastic film pallet wrapping machine is widely used in export, furniture, electronic and electrical products, food and beverage, non-staple food, printing and papermaking, printed products, paper products, bottle making, glass, ceramics, ceramic tiles, polished tiles, daily necessities, cosmetics, chemical industry, raw materials, additives, pigments, mineral powder, textiles, medical equipment, office equipment, hardware accessories, automobile accessories, vegetables Fruit, toys, stationery, cultural goods, sporting goods, gifts, handicrafts, wood products, plastic products, plastic products, household products, kitchen supplies, semi-finished products turnover and exhibition items / machinery transfer and other industries. It has the characteristics of stable performance, simple operation and reliable use.

Here are some of the strength of this wrapping machine:

  • The parameters can be adjusted on the control panel;
  • All function parameters are visible;
  • Number of bottom winding: 0-10;
  • The number of top winding turns is 0-10;
  • Electric eye induction delay;
  • The rising and falling speed of membrane support is 1, 3, 5 and 4 m / min;

The four individual packaging methods are as follows:

  • Up and down reciprocation;
  • Single up or single down;
  • Middle fixed position strengthened;
  • Manual selection of working mode;

It is not limited by the size of the package. The column can be folded. Single person can assemble, easy to move.