The advice for semi-automatic pallet wrapper after the installation

Pallet wrapper is a practical and useful machine to improve the efficiency of pallet wrapping. But there are some tips we need to learn after the installation. We need to have a firm grasp of the machine operation in order to avoid the risks such as the workplace accident.

Do Not Overload

Over weight loads are dangerous, as the turntable has the maximum load ability. Over sized pallet also may hit the pallet wrapper machine. The collision may damage the mast of the machine and also the goods itself. The falling cargo when the goods tipping from the turntable also can hit the workers who are standing nearby.

Keep a Safe Distance During Operation

To guide all the workers and other people to stand away from the machine when the machine is running, to avoid the mis-stepping on the running turntable. Also it could avoid the risks of hitting by falling cargo due to the deviation in the rotation.

Semi-automatic turntable pallet packer

Power Off

Like many other machines, you should power off your pallet wrapper when it is not in use. By doing so, you are saving on electricity and eliminating the risk it will accidentally start when someone is nearby. From a safety and an economic standpoint, it is the right thing to do.

Regular Maintenance

If you want your machine to complete high-quality work, you will need to set up routine maintenance checks to ensure it is functioning properly. This includes:

  • Changing the oil in the gearbox after 5000 hours
  • Lubricating and greasing the turntable chain and pre-stretch gears after 5000 cycles
  • Replacing the turntable table bearing and carriage lifting bearings after 5000 hours or 50,000 cycles

At the very least, you should complete these tasks quarterly. How often you need to look at it depends on the machine’s condition and the condition of your facility.

Keep Things Clean

The machine and its surrounding area should be clean at all times. If possible, try to clean the unit daily. You must remove debris from the floor space and nearby turntable. By doing this, you will keep the unit running smoothly and minimize the risk of workers falling.


After reading these tips, you hopefully have a better idea of the hazards involved in installing, operating, and maintaining a pallet wrapper. These machines can do more for your business than you likely know, but they require careful skill and patience to install, operate, and maintain correctly. Follow these steps, as well as your company’s own strict safety guidelines, and you should have no trouble at all.Once the machine is installed, make sure you go back to this article so that you can avoid mishandling it. You should never let a sound investment become a big headache. Be smart and safe as you go forward working with this spectacular machine.

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