The manufacturer of shrink wrap packer in China

Wuxi Emancipator Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of packaging machinery and equipment products such as film stretch wrapping machine, shrink wrap packer, heat shrink wrapping machine, sealing and cutting machine, heat shrink tunnel. The company has 10 years of professional packaging equipment production experience. Provide solutions for multiple industries. And has a number of advanced processing equipment, strong technical strength, strict management, high production efficiency, is a large-scale backbone enterprise in the packaging machinery industry. Since the establishment of the company, it has always adhered to the business philosophy of “Quality creates success”. Serving in many industries such as daily groceries, beverages, stationery, hardware, medicine, household, paper, agriculture, etc., adhering to the tenet of “advocating quality, people-oriented, and pursuing excellence”, we continue to provide excellent quality, reasonable prices and perfect services. To win the trust and praise of users.

Automatic film side sealing shrink wrap packer SW-M900:

The automatic large-side sealing shrink wrap packer can be used for automatic online shrink packaging of products. It uses photoelectric to automatically detect products. It’s optional to choose automatic feeding or manual feeding. It adopts folding film and can seal the other three sides by side sealing device and thermal sealing blade. The constant temperature heating sealing and cutting system can be used for sealing and cutting various industrial standard heat sealing films such as PE, PVC, POF, etc.

Brand electronic components are safe, reliable and durable. Omron PID controller, imported detection photoelectric, DuPont Teflon coated alloy sealing blade. The seal is firm and beautiful, especially suitable for POF sealing and cutting.

When the product size is changed, it only needs to be adjusted simply by the hand wheel, without replacing any parts, reducing the product replacement time and making it easier to operate. The speed-adjustable front-end feeding system and the back-end storage work platform make the whole machine work truly high-speed, unmanned and automatic operation.

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