Three kinds of panel type furniture package

There are three kinds of classification of panel type furniture packaging depending on the packaging material:

Corrugated paper packaging:
At present, in China the furniture products generally uses corrugated paper as a packaging material. Corrugated paper has the structure shown in the Figure below, so it has the characteristics of light weight, low price and simple production process. It is precisely because of these characteristics that corrugated paper is widely used as a packaging material by furniture making companies. There are many types of corrugated paper, which can generally be selected according to specific needs.

corrugated paper used to pack panel type furniture

Corrugated packaging can be divided into two types: corrugated cardboard and corrugated boxes. The compressive strength of the corners of corrugated boxes is higher than that of corrugated cardboard, and corrugated cardboard is more flexible than corrugated box packaging. Corrugated boxes are often used for regular furniture products, and corrugated cardboard is used for irregular, scattered or oversized furniture parts.

Honeycomb carton packaging:
Honeycomb cardboard is a new type of green packaging material that saves energy, protects the ecological environment and has low cost. It uses recycled base paper as raw material, uses the principle of modern bionics, and uses special equipment to make a honeycomb-like mesh core, and it is made by bonding face paper on both sides. It is a new type of paper board that can be used to replace wood and styrofoam.

Honeycomb carton packing furniture

Compared with corrugated paper, honeycomb paper, a new type of packaging material, is light in weight and smooth in surface, which can save wood resources. protective furniture products.

PE film packaging:
PE stretch film is an industrial film product with high tensile strength, high elongation, good self-adhesion and high transparency. It can be used for manual wrapping film, and can also be used for machine wrapping film, which can be widely used in the centralized packaging of various goods.

PE film shrink wrap machine packing door panels and furniture

PE wrapping film is mainly mixed and extruded from several different grades of polyolefin resin, which has puncture resistance, super strength and high performance. Strong waterproof effect, is widely used in the inner packaging of furniture products. Recently, a new PE film packaging technology has also been introduced from other industrial product packaging fields in the outer packaging of furniture. The outer packaging mainly uses a kind of “PE heat shrinkable film” that can shrink when exposed to heat. The PE heat shrinkable film is packaged with special packaging equipment, which all use mechanical, electrical and pneumatic combined working systems. As shown in the figure, a series of processes such as feeding, PE film packaging, sealing, slitting, PE film shrinking and cooling can be automatically completed after the product is put into the horizontal conveying line of the shrink wrap machine.

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