What does a pallet inverter mean and what does it help to your business?

Pallet inverter is a turnover machinery which is designed for reverse the pallet with goods together 90 degrees or 180 degrees to give convenience to operators to replace the pallets. The action of reverse is also called flipping, so it’s sometimes be called as pallet flipper which is a same thing.

Pallet inverter and pallet tipper or pallet changer and pallet flipper
Pallet inverrter for changing pallets and pallet retriever
But some people want to ask why do I need to change the pallets. Ennn… as you know, many manufacturers has their own pallets and they do not sell the pallet with goods to buyers. So, when they ship the goods or during the pick up, they need to change the pallets and keep their own at warehouse.
For oversea shipping, the wooden pallets are not allowed as the material may contain eggs of ants and worms and fly, which could be a huge threat to the import country’s ecosystem. So people also need to change to plastic pallet for oversea customers.
But this is a tough work if we do it manually, cost too much and mean less. So, the pallet inverter is what for. It can easily reverse the goods and change to new pallets within few seconds and recover. Greatly improve the efficiency.
Another benefits of this pallet flipping machine is it can help you change the damage products on the bottom easily, no need to scatter the stacked skid.
For some people who work in frozen food industry, this pallet flipper also mean they can take out or remove the freezer spacer conveniently without spending any energy.
Customized machines could build a sliding table on the side panel and motorized, it could help to shake the frozen foods and scatter the cartons and freezer spacer.

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