Wooden door and panel orbital stretch wrap machine

The wood door and panel orbital stretch wrap machine can be widely used for external packaging of horizontal shapes such as floors, wood panels, doors, and furniture. Its main purpose is to make the board sealed well and keep it in good condition. Storage, transportation and marketing.

orbital stretch wrapper
orbital stretch wrapper

Basic Features:

1. A sealing machine is installed at the entrance of the packaging machine to seal the front and back ends of the object so that the object can be completely packaged.

2. Adopt PLC&HMI intelligent unmanned operation.

3. Double ring and double grinding wheel device, work safety, stability and high efficiency;

4. The height of the ring can be adjusted according to different product sizes;

5. The sealing width is adjustable.

6. Material tension can be adjusted.

7. Use photoelectric sensor to set the packaging position;

8. The speed of the winding ring and the conveyor belt can be adjusted by the converter. The overlap rate of packaging film can be adjusted;

9. Independent control panel, easy to operate and maintain;

10. The indicator light alarm can automatically display the fault;

11. The press/side protection roller can be used to fix the package to prevent the product from shaking during packaging.

12. The length of the conveyor belt can be customized as required.

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