Month: June 2021

Airport baggage packaging machine for stretch film winding

Scope of application of the airport baggage packaging machine: Suitable for industries such as airports, ships, trains, automobiles, logistics and daily necessities. Wrapping and winding the luggage and suitcase by using pre-stretched stretch film. It Can reduce packaging costs, convenient storage and transportation, easy to recycle packaging materials, and reduce environmental pollution. Product overview of […]

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How to choose a luggage stretch wrapping machine?

Luggage stretch wrapping Machine Applicable Objects: Designed and manufactured specifically for the transportation of stored luggage items, it can prevent luggage damage, and the phenomenon of being exchanged, and it is widely used in luggage storage places such as airport luggage. Equipment performance: As long as the operator puts the luggage on the turntable and […]

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The difference between pre-stretch wrapping machine and resistance stretch wrapping machine

The stretch film machine is divided into pre-stretch type and resistance stretch type according to the stretching of the stretch film. Pre-stretching means that the packaging film is pre-stretched by a pre-stretching mechanism, and the pre-stretching mechanism is not stretched. It can only rely on the goods to rotate and stretch the film. The differences […]

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