How does Shrink Wrap Machine Work?

What is Shrink Packaging?
Shrink packaging is a packaging solution that uses an easily shrinkable polymer plastic film to protect items. A heat shrink oven or hand-held heat gun is usually used to provide a heat source to shrink the pre-sealed packaging film to the size of the product it covers so that it fits the product firmly. Such packaging is more conducive to dust-proof and moisture-proof protection of the product.

How does A Shrink Wrap Machine Work?
Shrink wrap machines are important production equipment for many companies, especially those with large cargo throughput. But shrink wrap machines are also diverse in terms of machine types and how they operate. Different types of shrink wrap machines have different sections and different applicable scenarios. There are also differences in the methods of operation and the products that can be packaged. So next we will introduce in detail what types of shrink wrap machines are on the market and what their corresponding characteristics are.

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L-shaped sealing type:
This particular type of shrink packaging machine comes with two sealing blades in an inverted “L” shape. There are two triangular plates on the upper and lower sides of the machine that fold the shrink film into a bag-like hole and allow your goods to pass through. Once the object is securely placed within the folds of the shrink film, the other three sides of the shrink film need to be securely sealed. When using it, we only need to place the items to be packaged on the belt conveyor of the machine.

When the objects are completely loaded into the machine, the machine can automatically recognize when to use L-shaped sealing bar to seal and cut the three sides of the shrink film. A heat shrink oven at the back of the machine then heats the packaging material so that it fits securely around each product.

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Side sealing type:
This shrink wrap machine uses a rolling heat sealing and cutting mechanism for longitudinal sealing and cutting on the opposite side of the folding line. The goods are wrapped in continuous film tubes, and transverse sealing bar will seal and cut each unit. Compared to L-shaped sealing machines, this machine is more efficient when you need to pack larger things. Because it has no limit on the length of the product, it can be any length.

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