Several problems of the carton folding and sealing machine at work

Carton Folding and sealing machine is a kind of equipment with a high degree of automation among the box sealing machine. It can be used as a stand-alone machine or in conjunction with a conveyor line to realize unmanned operation of the entire assembly line. But it is undeniable that there will always be some problems during the use of the equipment, and the box-folding and sealing machine is no exception. Below, we will share with you some problems of the box-folding and sealing machine at work.

1. During the sealing process, the box is off-track, causing the tape to not be evenly distributed on the two folding covers, which affects the sealing effect.

Answer: This situation is mainly related to the original electrical appliances of the belt.

First, it may be that the speeds of the upper and lower conveyor belts are different. If this is the reason, the user only needs to adjust the speed of the two conveyor belts to the same speed.

Second, it may be that the bolt spacing of the belt bracket is too large. The solution is to reduce the bolts of the bracket. In order to ensure the stability after debugging, a fixing nut can also be installed on the bolt.

2. The knife sometimes breaks off, and there are often residual glue on the cutting knife, and the tape will be cut continuously.

Answer: The tension of the cutter is mainly caused by the excessive tension of the tape. You can reduce the tension to solve this problem. There is residual glue on the cutter, which is mainly caused by infrequent wiping of the cutter. The maintenance personnel can wipe the cutter with natural sodium water or kerosene every day to achieve the effect of removing residual glue.

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