Beverage & mineral water sleeve package

Designed for fully automatic packaging production lines for beer, beverages, purified water, juice, dairy products and other beverages.
·It has fully automated functions for the processes of conveying and feeding, unscrambled bottles, film coating, sealing and cutting, shrinking, cooling and shaping.
·The heat shrinking machine adopts the world’s advanced film constant temperature heat sealing technology, and the sealing is clear and firm.
·The sealing rapid cooling structure ensures that the sealing strength is higher under high-speed production conditions.
·Using PLC program automatic cycle control, stable and reliable performance.
·Imported guide rod cylinder to ensure accurate movement. Durable.
·The induction switch controls the film feeding system to reliably regulate the film feeding length and reduce loss.
·All conveying adopts frequency conversion speed regulation, and conveying is stable and smooth.

·Unique heat shrinkage channel, two sets of centrifugal hot air circulation system, even heat balance, tight shrinkage and beautiful appearance.
·Three-layer heat insulation treatment, good heat preservation performance, fast heating, and energy saving.
·Enhanced cooling and shaping channel, but the packaging film quickly becomes a high-strength state, which is convenient for storage and transportation.
·It is convenient to adjust the packaging combination and bottle type when changing, which can realize the multi-purpose function of one machine.

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