Daily maintenance of the non pallet wrapping machine

What is the difference between a pallet-free/non pallet winding wrapping machine and a pallet winding wrapping machine, and what needs to be paid attention to in terms of maintenance?

Non-tray/ non pallet winding wrapping machine maintenance:

When adding lubricating oil to the non-tray winding wrapping machine, pay attention to the oil not dripping on the belt, otherwise it will cause damage to the belt or slipping of the object;

The most important part of the wrapping machine is the reducer, so the lubrication of the reducer is particularly important. It is required that the inside must be cleaned and replaced with new oil after 13 days of use for the first time, and then the oil needs to be changed every 3 months or so. No delay or carelessness;

The lubrication of the wrapping machine includes gears, bearings and frequently moving parts. It requires daily lubrication. Especially large equipment that has been working continuously requires long-term persistence to meet the maintenance requirements of the wrapping machine.

Pallet-free wrapping packaging machine refers to the rotation of the turntable to drive the goods to rotate, so that the stretch film packs the goods with tight and good winding. It is suitable for single-piece or small-size goods packaging. This winding packaging machine can improve packaging efficiency, reduce loss during transportation, and has the advantages of dust-proof, moisture-proof, and reduced packaging costs for the long term goal.

The non pallet wrapping packaging machine uses stretch film for winding packaging, which is widely used in smaller and lighter products. The non pallet wrapping packaging machine is suitable for clothing, electrical appliances, chemical fiber and other industries. Manually adjust the time relay value, determine the rotation time (2 seconds/rotation), connect the film to the rotating objects, press the start button, and the turntable will automatically stop after rotating for the pre-set time.

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