lnflatable Air Cushion Packaging Is Good for E-commerce and Logistics

Air bubble cushion film, also called gourd bubble film. It usually uses high-density polyethylene (HDPE) as the main raw material, heat-presses two layers of film together at a high temperature of about 180 degrees, and uses an inflator with a heat-sealing function to inflate and mold it during packaging. It is light in texture, takes up less space before packaging, has good transparency, is non-toxic and tasteless. By adding different additives to plastic raw materials, various special air bubble cushion film such as anti-static can also be produced, which are used to package special products such as electronic components. They can prevent static electricity and play a buffering and anti-vibration role.

air bubble cushion film

As a new cushioning material for logistics express packaging, the shock-proof effect of air bubble cushion film naturally needs no elaboration. Whether it is traditional newspapers or new foam materials, they are basically inferior to air bubble cushion film. The main reason is that the cushioning performance of these materials is insufficient. As an air cushioning packaging material, air bubble cushion film can withstand more than 85 kilograms of pressure without being destroyed.

The bubbles of the air bubble cushion film are of moderate size and can absorb impacts from all directions, providing excellent cushioning protection for the product. The air bubble cushion film is composed of 95% air and 5% composite materials. It is completely flat before inflating. It is small and does not take up space, which greatly saves the cost of transportation, storage and use.

Why do E-commerce companies prefer to use air bubble cushion film? First, E-commerce companies and manufacturers need to consider the space occupied and storage requirements of cushioning materials. Secondly, how to use the limited floor space to store more things that can bring benefits, reduce some unnecessary floor space, and increase the storage capacity of goods. Air bubble cushion film can solve this problem. Compared with other cushioning materials (such as plastic foam, pearl cotton and other cushioning materials that take up a lot of storage space), air bubble cushion film is produced as a roll material and does not take up much space. Just inflate when using. The space-saving properties of air bubble cushion film save more storage space for merchants. So, those businesses that don’t have much storage space don’t have to worry. Air bubble cushion film can save you a lot of storage space.

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Features of Air Bubble Cushion Film:

  1. Charge and use, efficient and convenient. The air bubble cushion film is inflated online in real time and can be used while charging. It does not take up space and can save a lot of storage and freight costs. One roll of AIRSISTEM air bubble cushion film is equivalent to 90 times the space required for foam packaging.
  2. More nylon is more flexible. The nylon content of the air bubble cushion film is as high as 23.6%. The higher the nylon content, the better the puncture resistance and ductility of the bubble bag. The flexible and excellent puncture resistance cushioning air bag can withstand multiple impacts and can be produced under extreme pressure. The spherical deformation absorbs the impact energy evenly, so that it can still play a protective role under multiple impacts.
  3. Significant economic benefits. Compared with traditional cushioning materials, air bubble cushion film have significant benefits such as low packaging material cost, low storage costs, and low waste disposal costs.
  4. Professional reverse air check valve, air tightness performance improved by 80%. Each individual air chamber of the air bubble cushion film has a reverse air-stopping function, which will not affect the overall protective effect due to the bursting of a single bubble. The air tightness test for six consecutive months proved that the air bubble cushion film has good moisture-proof and waterproof performance, and the air volume loss rate is only 7%.
  5. Break point tearing, easy to use. The air bubble cushion film is pressed with a point break line that is convenient and easy to tear. You can choose different numbers of air bags according to different product sizes, and tear as many as you need without wasting material.