Mold turning machine to realize 180° turning of the mold

In the machinery industry, molds are widely used, such as the use of molds for forging, injection molding, and forging processing of mechanical parts. The mold is generally equipped with a movable mold and a fixed mold. During the use or processing of the mold, the mold often needs to be turned over to facilitate the processing, maintenance and replacement of the mold.

The prior art discloses a turning device for a mold, which includes a frame. The frame has a plurality of uprights and beams welded to each other. The beam is provided with a linear guide rail and a plurality of sliding blocks are provided on the linear guide rail. Block and adsorption slider, the hoisting slider is provided with a hoisting rod, the hoisting rod is provided with a hoisting steel cable, the bottom end of the hoisting steel cable is provided with a hoisting hook, the adsorption slider is provided with an adsorption cylinder, and the bottom of the adsorption cylinder is set at Sucker. Through the use of lifting hooks and suction cups, the mold is driven from the horizontal to the vertical state, and the mold is turned over.

The above mold turning structure, because the lifting hook is used to hoist and install the mold, and the suction cup is used to drive the mold to turn over, the stability of the lifting installation is insufficient, and the suction force of the suction cup is limited, and the large mold cannot be effectively turned over. At the same time, the suction cup is turned over in the mold. In the process, it is easy to cause the risk of the mold falling or tilting due to insufficient adsorption force. That is, the reverse mounting device for the mold disclosed in the prior art has low safety performance and is difficult to achieve a 180-degree overturn of the mold.

One of the objectives of the present invention is to provide a mold turning machine to realize 180° turning of the mold, with high safety, good stability and convenient operation.

Another object of the present invention is to provide a mold turning method to perform a 180° turning of the mold to improve the safety performance and stability of the mold turning process.

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