Steel tube packing line including bundle forming and bundle strapping

This automatic steel pipe packing line is specially designed for automatic bundling, stacking, conveying, weighing and storing of round or square steel pipes. It is widely used for the hexagonal/square bundling of steel pipes.

automatic packing line for steel tube bundles
automatic packing line for steel tube bundles

Basic Features of this steel tube packing line:

  1. The number of tubes per bundle, stacking size and other data can be set through the computer interface.
  2. Complete database function management, including: timely counting, query and stacking, and reflect the relevant parameters of each tube bundle.
  3. The PLC and HMI system can self-diagnose and warn the failure of the stacking system.

Pipe feeding on the production line >> Pipe alignment >> Pipe stacking >> Bundles are made layer by layer >> Transfer the bundles to the strapping station >> Transfer to the conveyor >> Bundle weighing system >> Tube bundle storage station And discharge.

Steel pipe feeding, counting, counting system:

  • This system includes conveyor, feeding, alignment and counting systems.
  • The production line transfers the pipes to the feeding station of the stacking line.
  • Calculate the number of tubes.
  • Arrange the tubes one by one in parallel, do not cross.

Pipe row layered conveying system:

  • The test tube feeding system will transport the test tubes to the storage station and count the number of test tubes.
  • When the required number of test tubes are accumulated, the storage station will lower the test tube row to the stacking station.

Pipe stacking system:

  • hexagonal, square or rectangular
  • Electromagnetic chuck suction tube row;
  • The electromagnetic chuck arranges the pipes on the binding rack;
  • The tube strapping plug is pushed out and tightly fixes the tube row;
  • Electromagnetic chuck reset;
  • Continue to the next operation.

Tube bundle conveying system:

  • After stacking the tube bundles, the strapping rack will descend, and the tube bundle bracket will move the tube bundles out of the stacking station and transfer them to the strapping position.

Strapping system (manual or automatic):

  • Semi-automatic: equipped with workstations for manual or automatic strapping work.
  • Automatic: Equipped with a fully automatic strapping system.

Tube bundle weighing system:

  • The system automatically weighs the tube bundle.

Tube bundle stacking system:

  • After weighing, the tube bundle will be transferred to the storage station.