C frame pallet inverter machine

The C frame pallet inverter machine is a specific upender machine designed with a C shaped cradle. The design of this machine allows us to load and unload the pallet and cargo to the machine by forklift. The model is also can be upgraded with a rotating base, and this base rotation can make it possible for the forklift operator to load and unload from the same side to avoid the unnecessary movements and save time. More customization and upgrade are available for matching with a wide application and more specific needs and requirement.

The C frame pallet inverter machine has the top clamp which powered by either hydraulic cylinder or pneumatic cylinders, the rotating base will return the loads to the initial point of where it was loaded at the beginning to eliminate the unnecessary movement for the forklift drivers.

For the extremely heavy loads, we have adopted the scissor type hydraulic clamp. This clamp can fix the loaded material quickly and securely with strong power supply. The machine also can have the conveyor build on the platform to convey the cargo after the turnover. It’s used to have the integration with the conveyor line to connect the pallet inverter with your existing packing line or palletizer to realize the fully automatic operation and save labour costs.

This C shape pallet inverter machine is designed for high capacity and high cycle speed. The turnover body is heavy and loaded on the supportive wheels, the machine is connected by chain and sprocket which driven by industrial gear motor. The machine is able to integrated with the automatic process lines with the PLC control system.

As there are some users have the very specific requirement due to their own facility and factory layout, we are flexible to have the special design and accept new ideas to make the most suitable machine for them and help them to increase their capacity and efficiency.

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