New design of the door shrink wrapping machine

The packaging machine uses fully recyclable polyethylene heat shrinkable packaging film to package products. Polyethylene shrinkable packaging film shrinks when heated and acts like a tape on the product to be wrapped to protect it from dust, water and other external factors that may damage it. The film provides additional security and unparalleled protection for the final result.
These characteristics make this material an ideal material for protecting various products: doors, all types of furniture, wood, bedsteads, textiles, profiles and closures.

General operating characteristics as an automatic packaging system
This model is specially designed for horizontally packaging doors and panels, with extremely high production capacity and excellent optimization of energy cost in the process of work. In addition, the specific model can also be installed with a two-way workbench; In other words, it contains an intermediate table with two-way belts, so the entry direction of the product can be changed in the contraction tunnel.
This enables us to optimize the consumption of thin films, and at the same time, through a narrower shrinkage tunnel, we also obtain lower power consumption, but the production capacity is also lower than that of horizontal operation.

Generally speaking, it is a packaging machine which is characterized by firmness, easy operation and almost no maintenance tasks.
Personalized finish of the highest quality: attract customers’ attention from the moment they receive the product. The first thing customers see is the packaging of your products. Providing them with personalized and highest quality finishes will increase satisfaction and thus enhance your brand or company’s reputation.

In today’s market, we can find a large number of companies selling very similar products. Competition is fierce, so it’s important to find and focus on what provides value and makes your product stand out. To achieve this goal by designing and using high-quality packaging with aesthetic feeling and effective finish is one of the most effective and profitable methods, because it allows consumers to almost automatically discover the brand, which is a sign of commitment and quality, which always increases the reputation of the company.

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