Different types of semi-automatic baler machine designed for carton strapping

High-profile semi-automatic baler is a device designed separately for export business. The 4 legs used to support the machine body are detachable, which can save a lot of space when shipping and packing.

Low-profile semi-automatic baler, this type of low-profile machine is suitable for packing heavier items, which can reduce the labor intensity of personnel.

The semi-automatic side-block baler is a semi-automatic baler specially designed for the bundling of powdery and liquid items that are prone to leakage. The working surface of the machine is at a 90 degree angle to the movement, so such items are in progress. No product will fall on the movement during the packing operation.

The packer is equipped with two motors, one for feeding and one for unwinding, which fully guarantees the service life of the packer. This machine adopts the principle of instant heating. It can carry out the bundling operation in 5 seconds after starting up. It does not need to be preheated. It is suitable for various specifications of pp belts and is widely used by all walks of life.

Performance characteristics:
·Double motor structure, more stable performance, lower failure rate
·Adaptive belt thickness, suitable for different specifications of packing belts
·The machine runs without noise and energy saving
·Adhesive pressure, temperature and tightening force can be adjusted electronically, and the accuracy is better than manual mechanical adjustment
·Streamline appearance, fine and generous workmanship
·Suitable for 5mm-15mm ultra-narrow and ultra-wide packing straps

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