Luggage stretch wrapper used in hotels

People who often make travels should have the similar experience which your luxurious suitcase got damaged but have no way to get the compensation from any department. This kind of case happens everyday, the airlines could be bankrupted if they choose to give all damaged passengers the compensation they deserve. So, airlines only give the compensation to these who have their suitcase totally broken or missing. For those with a scratch on their suitcase, it’s only a SORRY. There won’t be any compensation no matter how expensive your suitcase is.

The luggage stretch wrapping machine was invented to prevent this incident from happening. This stretch wrapper packages the suitcase by wrapping it with stretch film. The wrapped luggage can get multi layers film on its surface, avoid the suitcase getting damaged by scratch and stain during the handling and shipping.

luggage stretch wrapper used in hotel-min

In star hotels, this luggage stretch wrapper is also needed as they often provide service of delivering suitcase to their customers. And some customers may require the hotel to help them wrap their expensive suitcase before leaving the hotel and getting into a taxi. This kind service often can give the customers a very good impression and will choose the same hotel in their next visit.

Actually, besides wrapping the suitcase, this luggage stretch wrapping machine is also good to use to wrap boxes, cartons and air parcels. So, it can be used not just in air ports, star hotels, but also in delivery companies, express and logistic stations.

The machine has the pre-stretch film wrapping head, to extend the stretch film 2-3 times longer when wrapping. The wrapped package is tighter but uses less wrapping material than manual hand wrapping. So, for the investors, this luggage stretch wrapper not only save the man power needed and bring higher work efficiency, but also make better package and cost much less in packaging material than hand wrapping.

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