Role of pvc shrink film

PVC heat shrinkable film has high flexibility, strong tear resistance and tensile strength, and can replace carton packaging. The shrinkage rate is large, and the goods can be tightly wrapped after heat shrinking, which is convenient to carry. The product has good transparency, and the light transmittance reaches 80° to display the product and improve the product virtually. Moisture-proof, waterproof and dustproof, it can not only achieve the packaging effect, but also beautify and protect the product.

PVC shrink wrapping film requires low shrinking temperature
PVC shrink wrapping film requires low shrinking temperature

PVC heat shrinkable film is widely used in the outer packaging of doors and windows, building materials, food, medicine, disinfection tableware, stationery, handicrafts, printed matter, hardware and plastic products, electronic appliances, etc., especially the combination (cluster) packaging of irregular shaped items or commodities, It can not only meet the functions of moisture-proof, dust-proof, touch-proof, anti-theft and transparent display of the product, but also increase the attractiveness of the product appearance. It can also be used to replace various cartons, which not only saves packaging costs, but also conforms to the packaging trend. The shrink film (bag) can be processed into flat bags, curved bags, trapezoidal bags, three-dimensional bags and other special-shaped bags.

PVC shrink wrap make beer sleeve shrink package

The diversification of pvc heat shrinkable film is not only suitable for the packaging and pallet packaging of various products, which is convenient for transportation and sales, easy to realize mechanization, save manpower and material resources, and can partially replace carton and wooden box packaging. Heat shrink film is used to package bottled beer instead of tying it with rope to prevent the bottled beer from exploding and hurting people. It has been widely used in doors and windows, building materials, ceramic products, tea sets, mechanical parts and other fields. The application of heat shrinkable film and vapor-phase anti-rust technology to replace the application of anti-rust oil in military machinery and hardware tools is of great significance for improving the anti-rust ability.

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