Pile turner for flipping paper stacks in digital printing

Paper pile turner machine, also known as paper stack turning machine or paper finishing machine, its functions mainly include dust removal, paper arranging, paper loosening, and paper stack turning. This equipment can sort the paper before printing, and can turn it over 180 degrees for printing on the other side of the paper with double-sided printing requirements. This product can effectively improve production efficiency, save labor, reduce production costs, and improve print quality.

The whole machine is composed of eight parts: base, turning body, splint, adjustable block gauge, blowing system, vibration system, hydraulic system, and electric control system.

The turning body realizes the functions of turning up, turning down and rotating;

The base support turning body belongs to the tiltable support;

The upper and lower clamping plates clamp the stack of paper, which is guided by the linear guide rail on the turning platform, and the chain is driven by the hydraulic cylinder to drive it to open or close;

The adjustable stop gauge is installed between the two clamping plates of the turning body, and is used for positioning the positioning edge of the paper stack to adapt to the size of the paper;

The blowing system includes a fan, a nozzle moving mechanism, and an air volume control system;

The vibration system includes a vibration motor, a vibration platform, and a vibration adjustment control system;

The imported hydraulic station is used to effectively control the pressure and flow rate and ensure the smooth flow of the oil path, so that the equipment works smoothly and in place, safe and reliable;

All electrical parts used in the equipment are selected from famous products such as Omron, Schneider, Izumi, Delta, etc., with stable performance and long service life of the equipment.

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