The electrical control system of the steel coil turning machine

Electric control system console of steel coil turning machine.

The electrical control part of this coil turning equipment is mainly hydraulic pump station main pump motor, circulating pump motor and heating parts.
The control of the device is all AC control. PLC adopts SIEMENS S7-200 controller. The operation table is equipped with high temperature oil, abnormal oil pressure, filter blockage, high liquid level, low liquid level, minimum liquid level and fault display of the butterfly valve; after the indicator light is on, it needs to be repaired in time.

The working state selection switch is divided into two states: overhaul and working. During overhaul, the roll cylinder, lifting
The cylinder and the push plate cylinder can act independently; the rollover cylinder, the lifting cylinder and the push plate cylinder are in the working state.

The actions are interlocked. There is a jog button for the push plate cylinder to advance. There is turning permission indicator light on the operation table, and the turning operation can be performed after the indicator light is on; similarly, the turning operation and unloading operation can be performed only after the turning permission and unloading permission indicator light are on. In addition, there is an emergency stop button on the console, once the emergency stop button is photographed, the main power supply will be disconnected. Once there is a fault indicator light on the operation console, the operator should check the source of the fault in time and perform maintenance and restoration; the limit switch should be checked before each operation to ensure that the operation is carried out normally.

The console of the electric control system of the coil turnover machine.