Analysis of special winding packaging machinery

1. The joys and worries of enterprise development:

Since the reform and opening up for more than 30 years, with the rapid development of my country’s national economy and the continuous enhancement of national strength, my country’s iron and steel enterprises have also grown from scratch, and their production technology has gradually become modernized and industrialized; The quality, and sales have all increased substantially. While meeting the needs of domestic production, it also exports to overseas, earns foreign exchange. It is gratifying. But at the same time, in the process of production and sales, there is still a big gap between Chinese steel companies and foreign steel companies. The factors that affect the development and growth of companies and hinder companies from increasing profits are mainly reflected in three aspects.

(1) Management awareness

(2) Absolute number of employees

(3) Packaging quality

The existence of the first two problems is mainly caused by subjective and objective reasons, which require a period of absorption and digestion; here, we mainly explain the impact of product packaging quality problems. Due to the relative obstruction of packaging technology and information in my country, products of the same quality and quantity are sold abroad, and the phenomenon of same quality, same quantity and different prices emerges endlessly. The reason is that our product packaging is still in the manual operation stage, resulting in a low packaging rate and poor aesthetics. It has not achieved the purpose of effectively protecting the product, nor has it increased the visual effect of the product appearance, thus losing the opportunity to increase the added value of the product.

At the same time of worry, it is joy and a rare opportunity. my country’s packaging equipment companies are paying more and more attention to special winding packaging machinery, and product functions are gradually improving. Emanpack is one of the companies that are doing the job. It has relied on independent research and development to adapt to different products in different industries. A variety of special winding packaging machines are widely used in metallurgical and non-ferrous enterprises, and they are also highly praised by users!

Market analysis of the stretch wrapping machine:

1. Fully automatic winding and packaging: improve work efficiency and save labor costs; solve the problems of difficult recruitment and management;

2. The machine winding operation is continuous and stable, and manual operation cannot be compared. No matter how many goods are packaged, there is no need to worry, just one touch can be done, and there is no need to worry about recruiting many packaging workers;

3. Good airtightness, and the packaging effect is far superior to manual packaging, which can protect the product well, increase the aesthetics, enhance market competitiveness, and increase the added value of the product;

4. Independent research and development and production, mature technology, widely used in many industries, and there are many user cases for reference;

5. Professional after-sales service team to solve your worries.

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