Supplier of orbital tape wrapping machine for case sealing

The orbital tape wrapping machine is rare to see from the market compares to the other horizontal orbital wrapping machines. It’s the orbital wrapper machine with functions of using adhesive tape to wrap cartons and boxes as well as trays, bundles instead of LLDPE and PE or PVC  stretch film. It’s purpose is to give a soft and reliable packaging to the bundles to bind the bundle tight with no strapping by the carton baler with using the firm PP belt as the strapping material.

Emanpack is the supplier of this orbital tape wrapping machine in China. We are dedicated to the research and development of this orbital tape wrapping machine. We excel our knowledge and experience from our rich experience of the horizontal orbital wrapping machine to make the advanced tape wrapping machine to help our customers to get the right and ideal packaging results.

For the insurance of the machine’s function and reliability, we are using the well know brands for the main electrical components of the orbital tape wrapping machine. This including the motor (servo motor + step motor), frequency inverter, PLC and program, HMI ( human machine interface known as touch screen). All the material are selected and coming together to forming this reliable wrapping machine with the best packaging results we wanted.

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