What are the futures of the pallet related packing machines?

In the field of pallet packaging, it is roughly divided into three processes: palletizing, strapping, and stretch wrapping. In many assembly line designs, usually one process needs to occupy a station, which does not include auxiliary processes such as paper corner protection and top coating. Calculated, a complete assembly line requires a very large area. Is it possible to combine multiple processes into one station? Next, we will take everyone to briefly analyze the prospects of multi-functional stretch wrapping and packaging equipment.

Online pallet wrapping machine and top film dispenser machine:

Let’s introduce a few combination devices. The stretch wrapping and strapping integrated machine can realize the non-assembly line winding and baling process; the palletizing and stretch wrapping integrated machine can be connected to the front end of the assembly line for palletizing and wrapping directly; the online wrapping and top film dispenser integrated machine can realize the wrapping packaging in one station And cover the top, and the paper corner protector can be added to this station to complete the three processes. Therefore, in terms of function, the combined equipment can realize multiple processes at the same time, effectively reducing the floor space and saving space.

Stretch wrapping and strapping machine:

The second is that the equipment does not necessarily need to be connected to the assembly line. By docking the AGV truck, a fully automatic and unmanned operation process can also be realized. By integrating multiple processes, the front-end or back-end signals only need one signal receiving and sending point, which avoids Program or logic failures caused by multi-port signal docking facilitates program monitoring and management.

Palletizing and wrapping machine:

So what are the disadvantages of this multi-functional stretch wrapping and packaging equipment? First of all, compared with multi-stage equipment, the combination will affect the overall efficiency, and it will take more time on one station. If the beat is very demanding, the overall efficiency will not keep up; the second is technicality, in the back In the packaging field, different companies may be good at different directions. If a variety of equipment cannot be perfectly combined together, it is easy to malfunction during operation, which will affect the use.

In summary, we can see that the multi-functional wrapping and packaging equipment still has a wide range of applications, which can save space and make program docking more convenient; on the other hand, it will also be restricted by efficiency and technology.

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