A large scale coil wrapping machine winding large steel coils

The utility model relates to a large-scale automatic coil wrapping machine, which includes a frame, a rotary winding device, a rotary power mechanism, a bearing platform, a conveying device, a rotary guide device, an ejection device, and a control device. The rotary winding device is installed on the frame , The bottom of the frame is provided with a conveying device perpendicular to the frame, the conveying device is arranged perpendicular to the frame, a bearing platform is installed on the conveying device, and a rotary power mechanism is installed on the bearing platform, and the rotary power device includes two rotations. The main shaft, two rotating rollers, driving gear, driven gear, chain, rotating power device, and rotating main shaft are equipped with bearings. The utility model has a unique rotary power mechanism and a conveying device, and is designed with an ejection device and a rotation guide device.

This wrapping packaging machine can automatically convey, smoothly wind the coil, and automatically eject the wound coil to achieve fully automatic completion Packaging of large electric coils, cable roll, 7 wire PC strand, steel coils, corrugated hose coils……..

The large-scale automatic winding wrapping packaging machine according to claim, characterized in that, the conveying device includes a pulley, a slide rail and a transmission power device, the pulley is arranged at the bottom of the bearing platform, and the bottom of the pulley is in contact with the slide rail, and the extension of the slide rail The direction is perpendicular to the direction of the frame, and the pulley is connected with the transmission power device.

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