Advanced technolpgy PVC ceiling board packing machine

Advanced technolpgy PVC ceiling board packing machine

Automatic Temperature-controlled Shrinking Packer is used to shrink the plastic wrapping of finished products. Specific working process is as follow:
1. Preheating period. It will take 30 minutes to heat the chamber and reach the required temperature(about 280℃/536℉).
2. Feeding. 1.Products are carried to entrance of shrinking packer by conveyor.
3. Product will be carried through the heating chamber. The whole temperature as well as local temperature can be adjusted according to requirement. There are manual wheels used to adjust the size of air holes where heating wind can go through.
4. Stacking.(Note: if connected with stacker crane, no worker is needed here)

3.3  Site and plant requirements

     Packing line machine :Construction area of 120 square meters

3.4  Power supply

Total installed capacity/Total power: 20.59 KW(Kilowatt)

Production line power voltage:220/380V(Plus or minus ten percent )

Line power frequency :50Hertz

     (Notice: Transformer substation and workshop distribution are supplied by the buyer .And the buyer should supply the power that meets the seller requirements to the designated location on the machine .

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