How to choose the best stretch film?

When buying stretch film/stretch wrap, you need to understand the following five performance indicators. The plastic film used for stretching must have a certain degree of self-adhesion, toughness, elongation, stress retention and required stretching range, as well as optical properties and heat sealing properties. 1. Stretching Stretching is the ability of a film to stretch […]

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Different types of semi-automatic baler machine designed for carton strapping

High-profile semi-automatic baler is a device designed separately for export business. The 4 legs used to support the machine body are detachable, which can save a lot of space when shipping and packing. Low-profile semi-automatic baler, this type of low-profile machine is suitable for packing heavier items, which can reduce the labor intensity of personnel. […]

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TP series automatic explosion-proof baler

Characteristic of the automatic explosion-proof baler: Fully automatic packing machine Product introduction: The TP series automatic explosion-proof baler is a baler independently developed by Emanpack for the military and explosive industries. The main core components of the machine are explosion-proof processing technology, so it is very safe to use in flammable and explosive environments. The […]

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