TP series automatic explosion-proof baler

Characteristic of the automatic explosion-proof baler:

Fully automatic packing machine
Product introduction:
The TP series automatic explosion-proof baler is a baler independently developed by Emanpack for the military and explosive industries. The main core components of the machine are explosion-proof processing technology, so it is very safe to use in flammable and explosive environments.

The machine adopts Japanese Omron “OMRON” PLC control. The electrical components are world-renowned products, including Japanese “OMRON”, Taiwan “FOTEK”, French “TE” and photoelectric switch control. The mechanical design adopts Japanese technology, reasonable design, coordinated action, high reliability, with three functions of manual, automatic and continuous, and easy to use, fast, suitable for high-speed production line assembly operations, aluminum alloy brackets, and oil-free maintenance.

Performance characteristics:
·Explosion-proof model, suitable for use in flammable and explosive environment.
·The explosion-proof grade is higher than the national standard grade, which is safer to use.
·The machine automatically detects, automatically packs, and automatically conveys, which can realize unmanned operation.
·Cast steel movement structure, stable operation, low failure rate.

Explosion-proof control box Imported PLC explosion-proof motor

Technical parameter:

Binding force

Binding speed
2.5 channels/sec

Frame size

Applicable strap width
9, 12, 15mm

power supply
380V. 50HZ

Machine size

Electrical configuration
LG “PLC” control, French “TE”, Japan “OMRON”, “ZIK” electrical appliances, suitable for conventional object packing

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